Darden School of Business


Five-Year Summary


entrepreneurship + innovation + technology

Awarded to a select group of incoming MBA students every year
By class year

In the last five years, 50 scholarships, worth $6.7M in total, were awarded through the Batten Scholars Program.

Number of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology courses offered at Darden's MBA programs
By academic year

Among the courses offered in 2021 were

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work ▪ Creativity and Design Thinking ▪ Digital Product Management ▪ Due Diligence in Seed Funds ▪ Effectual Entrepreneurship ▪ Emerging Topics in Technology & Operations Management ▪ Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity ▪ Entrepreneurial Thinking ▪ Innovation and Design Experience ▪ Marketing Technology Products ▪ Prototyping and Product Development ▪ Software Design & Development ▪ Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Policy

Number and proportion of students who enrolled in entrepreneurship, innovation and technology courses
By academic year

Two-thirds of all MBA students take at least one, and typically several, courses related to entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.

Note: In 2017, all first-year students were enrolled in “Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship in Action (IDEA),” a required, 7-week, team-based, experiential course. The large enrollment number for that year reflects this special offering.

Faculty & Research
Faculty investment
Number of Batten Faculty Fellows sponsored and amount of salaries contributed
By academic year

Batten Faculty Fellows are nominated each year from the Darden faculty who teach courses and conduct research on topics related to entrepreneurship, innovation and technology. Over $9M were contributed to the salaries of the Batten Faculty Fellows in the last five years.

Research output
Number of journal articles and books published by Batten Faculty Fellows
By calendar year. The data for 2021 is not complete.

Tallied here are articles and books authored by the current Batten Faculty Fellows

In addition to 42 articles and 9 books, these faculty produced over 250 cases and teaching/technical notes in these five years.

Experiential Learning
Summer internships with startups
Number of internships subsidized and amount of subsidies awarded
By academic year

The Batten Venture Internship Program subsidizes promising startups’ cost of hiring Darden student summer interns. In the last five years, 160 such internships were facilitated, with $760K awarded in subsidies.

Student ventures
Number of ventures supported and amount of grants awarded
By academic year

More than 100 student ventures were supported in the last five years. Those ventures received over $600K in grants during this time.

In 2021 academic year, 24 ventures were supported through the newly expanded independent study venturing program.

Major Events: 2017–2021
Notable co-curricular, academic and industry events organized in Charlottesville and other cities

The Institute organized a range of co-curricular, academic and industry events — including conferences, competitions and roundtables — in cities in the US (Charlottesville, Washington DC, San Francisco, Austin) and in other regions (Germany, India, Hong Kong).

Number of major events organized
2017 12
2018 16
2019 12
2020 9
2021 6
Year in Review: 2020–21
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